Can I Get a Filling During a Routine Cleaning?  

No matter how you personally feel about the dentist, it’s normal to want to get all of your dental services completed in one visit. So you may be wondering if there are dentists who will spot cavities during routine exams and then quickly fill them so you don’t have to come back. We’ll look at whether this can be done and what you should know about teeth fillings in Victorville, CA.

Fillings During Exams

If you’re getting a standard exam or having a routine cleaning, the dentist will typically request a patient to come back if they require a tooth filling. Your experience will depend on the dentist’s schedule but, in general, the dentist usually won’t have time to do both services. If you have a very small cavity that needs filling, though, they may be able to squeeze you in.

Why You Shouldn’t Put Off a Filling

Dentists know that it’s not always easy to get people to schedule an appointment. It’s why you might be used to staff repeating the same information to you — they’re trying to impart the importance of taking care of your oral health. While you may have a packed to-do list every single day, putting off a filling just gives the cavity the chance to get bigger. This could lead to your needing a more involved procedure, like a root canal or a tooth extraction.

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