No matter the age of the patient, good oral and periodontal health is essential for a healthy smile, Even though periodontal conditions are often assumed to affect only older people, there are a few conditions that occur in children and young adults just the same. Dr. A. Paul Bell, D.D.S. Inc offers periodontal care for kids in Victorville, CA, and he and his staff are fully capable of offering effective treatment to protect your child’s oral health.

Common Pediatric Periodontal Conditions

Just as it is with adults, a child who has a periodontal condition, they can be at risk of losing their permanent teeth. A child that loses their permanent teeth early in life can have issues with low self-esteem, speech issues, and even nutrition. There are primarily two types of pediatric periodontal conditions that can affect children and teenagers.

Aggressive Periodontitis – Generalized periodontitis can show up due to the hormonal changes a child goes through during puberty. The gums will become more inflamed and irritated at this time, and the condition often affects the whole mouth. Localized periodontitis, on the other hand, tends to show up around the incisors or molars that are permanent.

Chronic Gingivitis – The primary cause of chronic gingivitis is poor oral care, and children can be terrible about not properly brushing or flossing. One of the reasons pediatric dentists recommend regular dental cleanings about every six months is to thwart problems with gingivitis during childhood. If the condition goes untreated, chronic gingivitis can lead to a periodontal disease that comes along with even more problems.

A Look at Periodontal Treatment in Victorville, CA for Children with Issues

There can be multiple types of treatment for children who have periodontal issues. Some of the most common treatments include:

  • Using scaling to remove tartar buildup
  • Root-planing to smooth those spots likely to accumulate plaque
  • Gum grafts to replace receding gums

For the most part, children bounce back quickly after periodontal treatments, and most treatments are relatively painless with the use of localized anesthetics. Reach out to a periodontist for kids in Victorville, CA to schedule a consultation for your child.

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