Pediatric Dentistry

Just as your pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in treating children, a pediatric dentist like Dr. Bell, a hospital trained dentist, is licensed to perform dental services for your kids. Dr. Bell’s “Caring without Scaring” practice has allowed him to become well known in Victorville for his pain-free and anxiety-free treatments for children and teens. Your baby’s first pediatric dental appointment with Dr. Bell should happen no later than the age of 12 months.

First Pediatric Dental Visit

Your baby’s first pediatric visit with Dr. Bell is really just a quick checkup, accompanied by plenty of advice from Dr. Bell on how to care for your child’s teeth while he or she is still very young. Babies often cry during this first quick exam, because they’re not used to a “stranger” examining their mouth. When the baby cries, this actually makes the exam go quicker, because they open their mouth nice and wide for Dr. Bell to get a look at their teeth. The baby will be examined for proper dentition, and Dr. Bell will visit with the parent about teething issues, brushing and flossing, availability of fluoride, and any other appropriate issues related to the development of your child’s teeth.

Sedation Dentistry for Children in Victorville

Dr. Paul Bell is licensed in the state of California to perform sedation on dental patients. Sedation is used to quell anxiety and remove fear and pain from treatments. Nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) sedation is often recommended for children under 8 when they require any dental treatment that uses a needle for local anesthetic. The gas is delivered through a nostril hood.

Guidelines for Parents

Our trademark is parents are always welcome. Dr. Bell is known for his friendly and caring service for kids, so it can help your child to develop confidence by allowing younger kids to go to dental appointments on their own.

Fillings for cavities are one of the most common treatments for child patients. If parents exhibit anxiety or fear, they will transfer that fear to children. If you remain calm, your child should do well during dental treatments. If parents become too anxious, they may be asked to leave the treatment area. It’s also important to note that parents can scare their children if they tell them there may be “shots” involved with visits to the dentist. Young children may associate this with the large needles used for vaccinations, and become unnecessarily fearful of Dr. Bell. Thanks to sedation dentistry, visits to the dentist these days are nothing like what you may have experienced back when you were a child!

Expected Behaviors and Age Ranges

Age 0-2: This is the “pre-cooperative” stage and children are expected to cry during dental exams. They are too young to understand what is happening, so crying is natural at this stage.

Age 3-4: Children start to become more cooperative during treatments at this age. Some crying may happen if a shot is administered for local anesthetic, just from the sight of the needle. Sedation dentistry allows them to relax and behave well, however.

Age 5-7: This is the age where children are able to brush their teeth on their own. They also want to cooperate during appointments with Dr. Bell’s team, and are able to do so. Any fear of dental visits have usually been overcome by this point, if they’ve kept up with regular appointments. They’re usually on board with Dr. Bell’s “Caring without Scaring” philosophy by this point.

Age 8-12: Kids in this age range can go either way: They might be great patients, or they may have a bit of a rebellious streak. If they go the rebellious route, sedation dentistry may be the only option to calm them down enough for treatment. Most kids are very cooperative and brave by this point, however.

Age 13: Kids have usually lost all of their baby teeth by this age. For all practical intents and purposes, they behave as adults when they sit down in the dental chair.

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