Dental Cleanings & Prevention

Face it, going to the dentist isn’t on anyone’s list of favorite activities, especially for kids. However, getting a good head start on dental health is essential to avoiding the kind of serious dental issues that no one likes to have to deal with — and starting young is the best way to develop good oral health habits that will last a lifetime. Preventive measures are key to circumventing cavities and other issues — and the best frontline defense is scheduling a dental exam along with a thorough cleaning on a semi-annual basis. This serves two purposes — it acclimates children to the idea of getting into a regular routine with regards to dental care, thus setting up a foundation of a lifetime of good oral health, and it helps identify emerging problems before they become serious issues.

Here’s what your child will experience on a visit to the dentist:

A Comprehensive Dental Exam

The first step in a dental exam is to take oral X-rays and examine them for signs of tooth decay, bone loss, and cysts and tumors. The dentist will then perform an oral cancer screening, although this condition is rare in children. Next comes a surface examination for tooth decay and other issues that may require treatment. If fillings or crowns have been put into place, the dentist will check them to ensure that they’re intact.

A Complete Dental Cleaning

Even those who practice good oral hygiene at home can benefit from a twice-yearly professional cleaning. Professional cleanings remove plaque that regular brushing doesn’t always get take care of. It also polishes the teeth to improve the overall appearance of the smile.

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