What to Expect When Your Child Needs a Root Canal

Like adults, the pulp inside of a child’s tooth can become infected, inflamed, and cause discomfort. Tooth pulp is the tissue on the inside of each tooth that contains blood vessels and nerves. The tooth’s root is what helps it remain securely attached to the jawbone. Some of the leading reasons for a pediatric root canal in Victorville, CA include trauma to the mouth due to an accident, tooth decay, and a pocket of pus in the tooth known as an abscess.

Dentists Can Perform a Root Canal on Primary or Permanent Teeth

Since baby teeth fall out on their own, parents sometimes wonder if a pulpectomy is necessary. Pulpectomy is the official term for a pediatric root canal. Besides the significant pain their child could be feeling, parents need to consider the potential for premature loss of primary teeth that puts their child at a higher risk of developing speech or bite problems.

Understanding the Pediatric Root Canal Procedure

Dr. Bell will numb the area around the tooth receiving the root canal to ensure that the patient is comfortable before starting the procedure. The next step is to place small dental tools into the chamber of the tooth to remove the diseased pulp with the help of cleaning fluids.

Once Dr. Bell is certain that all the diseased pulp is out of the tooth, he inserts a liquid that kills germs. He then dries the tooth and places filling material inside of it. The last step is to place a crown on top of the tooth to prevent further infection.

Parents should not hesitate to contact the office of A. Paul S. Bell, DDS, Inc. in Victorville, CA if their child experiences oral pain. He will let them know after examining the child if a pulpectomy is necessary.

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