What is Periodontal Treatment for Gingivitis

Patients who have been diagnosed with gum diseases, including gingivitis, may be good candidates for periodontal treatment. At A. Paul S. Bell, DDS Inc., our dental services include periodontal treatment for gingivitis in Victorville, CA. Learn more about periodontal treatment to see if you would qualify for this specialized type of dental cleaning and exam.

What is Periodontal Disease and Gingivitis

Periodontal treatment is a specialized and more advanced level of care for dental patients who are diagnosed with incurable oral diseases, including gingivitis. When in an advanced stage, gingivitis leads to periodontal disease, which causes bleeding and receding gums.

The disease progresses over time without a cure, eventually causing the patient to lose teeth due to a lack of gum tissue. However, with periodontal treatment for gum disease, patients can reduce the loss of gum tissue and save their teeth from falling out.

How Periodontal Treatment Helps

Patients suffering from periodontal disease should seek periodontal treatment. This treatment involves more frequent, routine dental exams and more advanced dental work. Services included in periodontal disease treatment include:

  • Root planning to reduce plaque and bacteria under the gum line
  • Waterpik treatments to eliminate matter from between tightly packed teeth
  • Thorough cleaning

We provide comprehensive periodontal treatment and examinations at Paul S. Bell, DDS, Inc. We start with a complete dental exam and check-up to see if you are suffering from gingivitis or another type of gum disease. If you suffer from symptoms like bleeding gums or loosened teeth, contact us for an appointment.

Choose Periodontal Treatment for Gum Disease in Victorville, CA

Call 760-245-8684 to schedule an appointment with A. Paul S. Bell, DDS, Inc.. We offer periodontal treatment for periodontal disease, gingivitis, and other forms of gum disease.

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