Solutions for Your Teen’s Wisdom Teeth

The eruption of wisdom teeth can be painful for many teens. For others, it happens without any problems at all. The best way to ensure your teen has little or no discomfort caused by the appearance of wisdom teeth is to make regular appointments with their dentist in Victorville, CA. In this way, problematic teeth can be addressed before they begin causing pain or discomfort.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that usually make an appearance during the late teenage years or early twenties. They erupt in the back of the mouth, usually two in the lower jaw and two in the upper jaw. When everything goes well, and these teeth grow in properly aligned, your teen may have no issues. However, wisdom teeth are often positioned in the jaw in such a way that they cause problems as they begin to push through the gum.

What Can Go Wrong With Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth can become impacted. This means they can’t break through the gums normally. Impacted wisdom teeth can be very painful. Usually, this occurs because the teeth are positioned wrong beneath the gums, meaning they hit up against existing teeth as they try to erupt. This can cause pain, discomfort, and damage to existing teeth. If left unaddressed, wisdom teeth can erupt where there’s little room to accommodate them, meaning the remaining teeth can become crowded or twisted from the pressure.

Solutions for Wisdom Teeth in Victorville, CA

If your teen needs wisdom teeth treatment in Victorville, CA, call Dr. A. Paul S. Bell, DDS, today. The friendly and experienced dental professionals at Dr. Bell’s office specialize in your teen’s oral health. Through routine dental appointments, we can monitor what’s going on with your teen’s wisdom teeth before they begin to erupt. As a result, we can remove them before they cause pain, discomfort, or overcrowding. Call today to schedule a convenient time for your teen to come in for a dental exam.

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