What to Expect if Your Child or Teen Needs Oral Surgery

Hearing that their child needspediatric oral surgery in Victorville, CA, can make any parent feel anxious, not to mention the young patient. Even so, choosing an experienced and caring dentist who has received special training to work with the pediatric population can be a big relief. If one of your children needs oral surgery, you can relax knowing they are in good hands with Dr. Paul S. Bell.

Common Oral Surgeries for Kids

Tongue and lip ties are common in younger children. Fortunately, these problems are easy to correct with a minor oral surgery known as a frenectomy. Dr. Bell removes extra soft tissue folds in the gums, upper lip, or under the tongue during this procedure.

Tooth extraction

Scheduled tooth extraction is more common in teenagers than in younger kids. Dr. Bell frequently performs wisdom tooth extraction and removes teeth before a teen begins orthodontic treatment. Other impacted teeth that have not erupted may also require extraction.

Dr. Bell also extracts teeth on an emergency basis, such as when a baseball strikes a child in the mouth. He may be unable to save the tooth in a situation like this, especially if pieces of the tooth have already broken apart.

Other trauma or injury treatment

Deep cuts around the jaw, knocked-out teeth, and jaw fractures require prompt emergency surgery. Dr. Bell will stitch your child’s face if needed, preserve teeth with dental caps when possible, or do whatever is necessary to eliminate your child’s pain while preserving their oral health.

TMJ treatment, corrective jaw surgery, cosmetic surgery, dental implants, removal of oral tumors, and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea are other common reasons forpediatric oral surgery in Victorville, CA. Please contact us with additional questions or to schedule a dental exam for your child.

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