Why Dental Sealants Are Effective For Kids

If you have a child, your dentist in Victorville, CA recommends that you consider dental sealant treatment for them. Dental sealants are an effective dental treatment that helps to protect kids’ teeth on many levels. This non-invasive, pain-free treatment may just help your child avoid cavities for many years. Here are some of the many reasons why dental sealant are so effective for kids.

A Fresh Start

The most cavity-prone years for kids are roughly between the ages of six and 14. These are the years when children are making many of their own food choices, and are in charge of taking care of a lot, if not all, of their oral hygiene tasks. But children of this age may not be making the best choices regarding diet and oral hygiene. The use of dental sealants as soon as the back molars come in—which generally happens as early as age six—can help protect the molars and possibly prevent cavities from ever developing.

Protection Against Hidden Food Debris and Bacteria

The molars, where dental sealants are applied, are full of natural places where food and bacteria can hide. The surfaces of the molars are covered with grooves and microscopic fissures. These are ideal for bad bacteria and tiny particles of food—missed by brushing—can linger and lead to tooth decay. Dental sealants provide a smooth barrier surface, leaving nowhere for bacteria to hide, and keeping these harmful elements from settling into the grooves.

Getting dental sealants in Victorville, CA is the single best preventative dental treatment you can offer your child. Your dentist can let you know if your child is in the right age bracket to get dental sealants. Give your child the best dental health start possible. Contact us today to book your child’s dentist appointment.

Benefits of Dental Sealant For Children

If you have children, you know the many struggles that can come regarding the treatment of cavities. Since most kids tend to not enjoy visiting a dentist to get a cavity filled, dental sealants may be the answer. If you’re ready to find out how, here are some ways dental sealants in Victorville benefit children.

Prevent Cavities

First and foremost, dental sealants can be a great way to prevent cavities from forming in your child’s teeth. Should your child be like other kids and consume various foods that are high in sugar, this increases the likelihood they will develop cavities. By using dental sealants in Victorville, these will limit bacterial growth in their mouth, prevent pitting and fissures on teeth, and thus lead to few if any cavities being able to form.

Easy to Apply

If you want to see a child squirm while seated, watch them do so when sitting in a dentist’s chair. However, when getting sealants applied to their teeth, they won’t have time to do much squirming, since dental sealants only take mere minutes to apply. Best of all, there is generally no pain or discomfort associated with the applying of dental sealants, which will make your child’s dental visit even more pleasant.

Reduced Dental Costs

Even if you have dental insurance, trip after trip to the dentist to get cavities filled can eventually start to get expensive. By relying instead on dental sealants, dental costs for your child are significantly lowered. In doing so, you can then focus more on preventive care, rather than always having a crisis such as a cavity.

If you believe your child would be an excellent candidate for dental sealants, make an appointment soon to speak with your child’s dentist in Victorville. Once you do, you may discover even more ways dental sealants can benefit your child’s oral health.

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