4 Ways to Help Your 5 Year Old Care for Their Teeth

Five-year-olds are in a funny developmental position. They’re old enough to learn the basics of tooth care. At the same time, they still need a lot of supervision and help during tooth brushing and other oral care routines. If you’re a parent of a five-year-old, here’s what you need to know about helping your child take care of their teeth.

1. Let Your Child Choose Their Toothpaste

Children like to have control over their environment. You’ll get more buy-in from your child around their tooth care routines if you let them choose their own toothpaste. You might have to get experimental with your child, allowing them to choose a different toothpaste every time you buy a new tube. If your child is picky, try to purchase the smallest tubes possible, so you can go through them quickly until you find the right flavor.

2. Model Good Tooth Care

Show your child what it means to take good care of your teeth. Brush your teeth for two minutes each time you brush. Show your child what you’re doing. Let your child brush their own teeth at the same time that you’re brushing yours.

3. Help Your Child Brush Their Teeth

Most 5-year-olds don’t have the hand-eye coordination to effectively brush their teeth. You’ll have to do some of this for them. If your child is resistant to having someone else brush their teeth, let them practice their tooth brushing skills at the end.

4. Take Your Child to the Dentist Regularly

Take your child to the dentist for regular check ups. Doing this helps them learn about the importance of oral hygiene, and also gives them a chance to get comfortable around the dentist. To make your next appointment with Dr. Bell, call today.

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