3 Things to Know About the Onesies Program at A Paul S Bell, DDS Inc.

The staff at A Paul S Bell, DDS Inc. treats a variety of young patients all the way up to young adulthood. Our team has won multiple awards for our efforts because we focus on prevention over all else. When it’s so important for everyone to get the care they need to avoid major dental problems down the road, including gum disease and tooth loss, our staff has initiated several programs to improve access to children from all backgrounds.

What Is the Onesies Program?

The Onesies program is a way for our staff to provide early childhood prevention to everyone in our communities. Our outreach ensures everyone, including the underserved and those with special needs, won’t have to live the rest of their lives plagued by one dental problem after another. Different families are all going to struggle with different problems. The point of the programs at A Paul S Bell, DDS Inc., is to speak to those individual needs in a more effective way.

Dr. Bell is a dentist in Victorville, CA, who has worked hard to solidify his influence in the community. From a fellowship in the American Society of Dentistry for Children and the Academy of General Dentistry to his relationships and privileges at St. Mary’s Hospital, he’s been a force of change for families across the Victorville region.

Early Dental Prevention in Victorville, CA

If you’re looking for a dentist who specializes in general dentistry in Victorville, CA, contact our office today to learn more about our programs and services. It’s our goal to help everyone find a path toward dental care. From cleanings to emergency treatments, we’re proactive about finding ways to give our patients exactly what they need.

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